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Divalicious Pageants, a subsidiary of the Mrs Universe Organization, has been at the forefront of beauty contests in India for the past nine years. What began as a platform for celebrating beauty has evolved into one of India's leading beauty contest Now, we are proud to announce the launch of Divalicious Excellence Awards, a testament to our dedication to recognizing excellence in various fields."


Divalicious Excellence Awards

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Divalicious Excellence Awards, an initiative aimed at recognizing and honoring individuals who exemplify excellence in various fields. This prestigious awards ceremony seeks to celebrate achievers who have made significant contributions to their respective domains and inspire others through their remarkable work.




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Note: Participation, P R & Award Shows Convention Attendance Fee is Applicable.



Benefits for Awardees:

Recognition, Visibility, Promotions

"Aside from the honor and recognition of receiving a Divalicious Excellence Award, awardees will benefit from extensive media coverage, providing them with increased visibility and opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, awardees will join an esteemed network of past winners, gaining access to exclusive networking events and collaborations. Furthermore, the award serves as a mark of distinction, enhancing the recipient's credibility and reputation in their respective fields."

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